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Usage is: mono [options] program [program-options]


--aot[=<options>]Compiles the assembly to native code

--debug[=<options>]Enable debugging support, use --help-debug for details

--debugger-agent=options Enable the debugger agent

--profile[=profiler]Runs in profiling mode with the specified profiler module

--trace[=EXPR]Enable tracing, use --help-trace for details

--jitmapOutput a jit method map to /tmp/

--help-develShows more options available to developers


--config FILELoads FILE as the Mono config

--verbose, -vIncreases the verbosity level

--help, -hShow usage information

--version, -VShow version information

--runtime=VERSIONUse the VERSION runtime, instead of autodetecting

--optimize=OPTTurns on or off a specific optimization

Use --list-opt to get a list of optimizations

--security[=mode]Turns on the unsupported security manager (off by default)

mode is one of cas, core-clr, verifiable or validil

--attach=OPTIONSPass OPTIONS to the attach agent in the runtime.

Currently the only supported option is 'disable'.

--llvm, --nollvmControls whenever the runtime uses LLVM to compile code.

--gc=[sgen,boehm]Select SGen or Boehm GC (runs mono or mono-sgen)

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